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Jolie Luxe Beauty

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“This sh*t right here just moisturized THE FK out of my skin and it also took away some of my stretch marks. Love it!!" - Mariah G.

Jolie Luxe Beauty oil is BOMB AF & It's Organic! Vitamins 

Strawberry Vegan Lip Scrub: 

"I am the girl in the before & after picture using the strawberry lip scrub. Whewww Chile, when I tell you I was struggling with chapped, DRY, lips!! This helped me out so much and I saw a difference the first try. HOLY GRAIL cuz' it's almost like it removed the dead skin, but also like moisturized it, and made it plump at the same FRKN time !!!! HOWWWW??? Hope to see new flavors!!!!!!" 

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Ashantee Reviews Jolie Luxe Beauty Bundle!!

"I literally see this sitting on the shelf of Sephora one day! These products are so good. It is organic and smells so good! I love the packaging, I love everything about the brand!" - Ashantee Diaz

Himalayan Detox Scrub:

 ♥ Vitamin E ♥ Aloe Vera ♥ Jojoba Seed Oil ♥ Grape Seed Oil ♥ Himalayan Salt ♥ Sweet Almond Oil ♥ Veggie Glycerin 


"Ya no tengo manchas en mi pompis gracias a este producto! Gracias Jolie" - Melinda R

Acne on the AS* GONE

"This detox scrub has removed most of my butt acne. I had the worst scars and bumps and hated it! Great exfoliator for SURE!" - Jenna

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